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Commercial Roofing Services

We have been proudly serving Maine & New Hampshire for 60 years!

Commercial Roofing Services By Bedard's Roofing Company


Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections can help spot potentially fragile or leaky spots on your roof before they become massive and expensive repairs later on


Roof Replacements

If simple repairs aren't enough, then it's time for a full replacement or re-roof. This is more practical than repairs if your roof has reached a certain age and the best course of action is to restrengthen it


Roof Repairs

Never underestimate any type of damage on your roof, as it can quickly spiral out of control. From the smallest leaks to the biggest storm damages, trust Bedard's Roofing Company to handle it

Brands We Stand By

Roofing By Mule-Hide

Every commercial roof and the needs of the owner are unique, but Mule-Hide prides itself in offering a wide range of roofing products and solutions for whatever you need

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